Custom Electric Driveway Gates, Made in Perth

Fencemakers manufactures supplies and installs high quality, durable and safe Driveway Gates and Electric Gates for the Perth market. All of our gates can be custom designed to suit any location, no matter the shape or size – including ascending or descending driveways, limited access entry points and uniquely or awkwardly positioned sites.

Types of driveway gates

  • Our Swing Gates are designed to swing on hinge posts – away from incoming traffic and into the property is best, however for homes with ascending driveways, outward swinging or sliding gates tend to work better.
  • Our Sliding Gates have been designed with safety in mind and are easy to use with long term value.
  • Experience the luxury of our Automated Electric Gates, designed to open and close with the click of a button from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • All our Electric and Driveway Gates come in a wide range of styles colours and materials to suit all homes or businesses. We can also provide matching Gates for all of our Fencing styles – tubular steel and aluminium, slat, panelpicket and smartwood!

Why choose driveway gates?

Quality Driveway Gates are a great way to add value to your home. Whether your focus is appearance, security or convenience, Electric Gates can provide you with endless benefits for either your home or business:

  • Safety for both the kids and pets. Our automated Driveway Gates are an ideal choice for effectively moving your first line of defence to your gateway, rather than your front door. Our range of electric and automatic driveway gates ensure your family, home or business is safe and gives you a strong sense of security.
  • Electric Driveway Gates are a great asset to invest in, not only adding value to your home, but adding the finishing touches to the style of your premises.
  • Automated Electric Gates allow you to enjoy the convenience of staying in your vehicle while the gates open and close – which is an important benefit for those who are less mobile, as well as those who live on a busy street.

Power source: electric or solar-powered automatic gates

Fencemakers offers automatic gates powered either by electricity or solar panels, depending on your preference.

Solar power is a great choice for your gate and is becoming more and more popular with our customers for a number of reasons:

  • Lower installation costs for remote gates: If your gates are covering a wide perimeter around your property and are not close to an electricity mains, solar power is the best option, saving on the costs of running cables underground
  • No running cost: Free solar energy (which we have in ample amounts here in WA) is stored in the solar panel throughout the day, meaning your automatic gates will work 24 hours with no additional electricity fees
  • No power outages: Solar power means your gates will not be effected by power outages in your area, so your property will always be accessible
  • Environmentally friendly: Keep your carbon footprint low using clean, green energy

Driveway gates and electric gates cost

We can design, manufacture and install Driveway Gates to fit your specific needs. To talk through the style and designs that are right for your home, call one of our Perth consultants today. Or if you have a good idea of what you want then request a free, no obligations quote.

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