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Which style of fencing best suits my needs?

Fence Styles: Which is Best for Me?

The style of fence you choose will depend on the function(s) you want it to perform. So when shopping around ask yourself what is the main thing you’re trying to achieve with your fence and gate? Is privacy a top concern? Do you need high security or just a decorative boundary? If it is decorative then what look are you going for, what architectural style do you need to match your home? Here we’ll take a look at some of these requirements and suitable styles to achieve the right look or function.

Aesthetics & Design

As mentioned above, if your fencing is mainly for aesthetics – a decorative way to mark the boundary around your property, then you want to make sure you get the look right and blend the fence into the design of your home. Below are some common home styles around Perth and what we think are good matching fencing styles:

Modern Australian Architecture

Most of the newer homes being built around Perth suburbs have a modern, minimalist external design, often with clean colour blocks and geometric shapes.

fencing for modern australian architecture

These homes look best when paired with equally contemporary fencing. Powdercoated coloured slat or panel fencing looks fab surrounding modern homes, as do some of the simpler tubular styles, such as ‘Modern’ or ‘Caulfield’ fencing or infills.

Slat Infill Fencing

Slat Infill Fencing

Hampton-style Homes

Fencing for Hampton style homes


White louvre fenceAnother increasingly common architectural style on larger lots around Perth in recent times has been the ‘Hamptons style’ home.

This style is taken of course from the architectural style commonly found in wealthy holiday homes in the affluent Hamptons area outside New York and features white tubes or slats.

So, sticking to the tradition of the area we believe the traditional white picket fence, or the more modern white slat fence are the only options for the real Hamptons aesthetic.


Traditional Homes / Ornate Design

Fencing for traditional perth homes

For more traditional Perth homes, like those built between the 1970s and 1990s, often with red brick or sandy brick exteriors, more ornate tubular aluminium or steel designs add to the grand appeal of these facades.

With the addition of a fencing in the style of Gothic, Chantilly, Cardinal or similar, the property will receive an instant facelift: A touch of old fashioned grandness while adding strength for security purposes.

ornate tubular fencing styles


If your core fencing needs are to increase your peace of mind you’ll want a heavier duty style that will deter intruders, whether from your business premises or home.

For strongest durability a guardian steel fence is the best choice. This may be a little over the top – both in aesthetics and cost – for a residential property, however. In that case, tubular steel is a good option, choosing a design with a sharp tip such as ‘Sentinal’.

Sentinel Security Gate

Sentinel Security Gate

This fence style has specially-designed arrowhead-shaped tops to deter access over the fence, yet has a stylish look.


Fencing for privacy is generally more necessary for the back yard. To keep your al fresco area completely separate from your neighbours you should have little or no gaps, and the fence must be high enough to prevent neighbours from being able to look over the top into your space. Panel fencing is the best option here, providing the privacy required.

Pool Safety

As a WA resident you are required to install fencing around your pool to meet strict requirements. Many people opt for tubular fencing to surround the pool, but for optimum safety glass fencing around the pool is an even better choice. Not only does it completely block kids and animals from entering the pool area unattended and meet the WA regulations, but you can keep an unhindered eye on kids inside the pool area through the glass fencing if you need to leave the area.

At Fencemakers we offer all of the styles mentioned above, and our friendly team is happy to advise you on the best style for your project if it’s not covered here – get in touch with us today!

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