Panel Fencing and Slat Fencing Perth

Fencemakers’ aluminium Slat Fencing is another great innovation that adapts perfectly to either horizontal or vertical installation. Either way, slat fencing is the perfect choice to maintain your privacy while still allowing sunlight and airflow near the fence.

Fencemakers can also supply Panel Fencing for when only a complete privacy option will do.

Why Fencemakers slat fencing beats competitors’

  • All our slat fencing & gates have frames that are fully welded, which get sanded, buffed and powdercoated ensuring they are strong, smooth and visually pleasing. It is very important that the frames are welded, as this ensures the gates & fences don’t warp or sag. Many competitors use a screwed together frames, a cheaper option which will sag and lose shape over time.
  • All our slat fencing and gates use our revolutionary and patented channel system, which ensures a seamless finish to slat fencing and gates. Fencemakers custom-makes and machine all channels for the specifications of every job. Our slat system allows customers to decide the gap between slats – important for choosing the level of privacy you want as well as complying with regulations set by each city council across WA.
  • With our channel system, each slat has its own slot cut out into the channel. The benefit of our channel and slot system is that it creates a seamless finish, as there is no open gap in the channel between the slats for spiders and dirt to collect. It also has the added benefit of allowing single slats to be easily replaced if damaged, rather than having to take apart the whole fence or gate as is necessary with competitor products.

Features and benefits of slat fencing

  • Our slat fences can be custom made in a range of slat sizes and spacing, giving you total control over the view out-of and in-through your fence. Slats can be thin with wide spaces for the front garden to allow a view out onto the path, while back garden slats can be wider or even full panel to allow more privacy
  • The slats can be installed either horizontal to suit the modern architectural look or vertical to reflect the appearance of a picket fence.
  • All our slat fencing is powder coated for durability, allowing a wide range of colours and styles to compliment the exterior of any home.
  • All of our slat fencing can be paired with custom gates to fully secure the perimeter of your home.
  • Installing slat fencing will add substantial value to your home or business.
  • Each local council has strict guidelines regarding the allowable gap between slats on fencing at the front of a property. Fencemakers will adhere to these guidelines and can help you navigate through your legislative responsibilities for installing slat fencing at the front of your property.

Features and benefits of panel fencing

  • Panel fencing affords maximum privacy to your home or business, while the soft and stylish shades of our powder coating provide an elegant and modern look.
  • Panel fencing is more suited to the rear of the home, while matching slat fencing and gates can be paired for the front of the property.
  • Installing panel fencing will add substantial value to your home or business.

Take a look at our panel and slat fencing gallery below for an idea of the direction you would like to go with your project.

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