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Glass Fencing in Perth

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Glass Fences & Gates

Fencemakers are leading suppliers of glass fences and gates for Perth homes and businesses.

As a well-established company in Perth, known for providing high-quality fencing and gate solutions, our offerings include a range of products and services designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

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✓ 15-Year Workmanship Warranty
✓ Low-Maintenance
✓ Great Value
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When it comes to glass fencing and gates, Fencemakers stands out for craftsmanship, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Frameless Glass Fencing

A frameless glass fence provides a sleek, unobstructed view that enhances the aesthetics of your area, while ensuring safety around swimming pools and elevated areas.

Our glass fencing provides:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers a sleek, modern look with unobstructed views, making it ideal for areas like pools and balconies.
  • Durability: Made from toughened safety glass, which is robust and long-lasting.
  • Minimalist Design: Uses discreet channels for support, enhancing the seamless appearance.

Benefits of Glass Fencing

  • Safety: Meets stringent safety standards, ensuring a secure environment, particularly for a swimming pool glass fence.
  • Visibility: Maintains clear sightlines, making it easier to monitor children and pets.
  • Low-Maintenance: Resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, requiring minimal upkeep.
  • Customisable: Available in various heights, widths, and finishes to suit your design preferences.



Glass Gates

Our glass gates perfectly complement our glass fencing, with a cohesive and elegant look. Their toughened glass and high-quality hardware ensure durability and security.

Our gates are equipped with reliable hinges and latches for easy and smooth operation, and can be tailored in terms of size, design, and hardware to meet specific requirements.

Our sleek, frameless glass fencing panels and gates are all made-to-measure by skilled craftsmen in our local Perth workshop.

Residential Glass Fences

Our residential glass fences in Perth offer a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, while providing a secure boundary.

Whether it’s around your pool, garden, or balcony, our custom-designed glass fences create a seamless look that complements any architectural style.

Made from toughened safety glass, they ensure durability and safety, giving you peace of mind.

Our expert team can provide a full installation service or supply the materials for DIY enthusiasts, ensuring your fencing needs are met with the highest standards of quality and care.

Commercial Glass Fences

For commercial properties, our glass fencing solutions provide a sophisticated and professional appearance, suitable for a variety of applications such as office buildings, retail spaces, and hospitality venues.

Our clear glass fence panels not only enhance the visual appeal of your premises but also offer robust security features.

Custom-made to your specifications, our commercial glass fences are manufactured using high-grade materials to withstand the demands of high-traffic environments.

Our professional installation team ensures a hassle-free experience, or we can supply the materials for your own contractors to install.

Fencemakers is committed to delivering exceptional quality and service for all your commercial fencing needs.

Glass Fencing Supply And/Or Install

At Fencemakers, you have the flexibility to choose between our comprehensive glass fence installation service or a supply-only option.

Whether you prefer the convenience of having our expert installers handle every detail, or you’re a DIY enthusiast seeking top-quality glass fence supplies for your project, we’re here to meet your needs.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that both the final product and your overall experience meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

  • Supply Only: We can deliver your custom-cut glass fencing panels, or you can pick them up directly from our workshop.

We also offer a range of DIY glass fencing supplies – from glass pool fence brackets, to gate latches and more.

  • Full Installation: Our skilled team will manage the entire installation process, saving you time and reducing stress.

frameless glass pool fencing at a Perth home

Why Choose Fencemakers?


Expertise and Experience

  • Years of Experience: Fencemakers have been in the industry for over 30 years, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise to each project.
  • Skilled Craftsmanship: The team comprises skilled professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship.

Custom Solutions

  • Tailored Designs: We work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and provide tailored design solutions.
  • Custom-Made: All Fencemakers products are made-to-measure at our local workshop. This means that there is no material wastage and transport costs are kept to a minimum.

Quality and Durability

  • Premium Materials: Using only high-quality materials and components, we ensure the longevity and durability of our products. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 15-year workmanship warranty.
  • Safety Standards: Following a strict quality control process, we adhere to stringent safety standards, which is especially important when it comes to pool fencing regulations.

Customer Service

  • Professional Service: We are renowned for our professional and friendly service, ensuring a positive customer experience every time.
  • After-Sales Support: Providing excellent after-sales support, including maintenance and repair services.

Competitive Pricing

  • No Compromise on Quality: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Value for Money: Our core aim is to ensure our clients receive excellent value for their investment.

Looking for a Glass Fence in Perth?

If you’re looking for glass fencing in Perth, look no further!

Whether you’re looking for durable glass fencing for your commercial property or a sleek, modern design for your home, our friendly team of fencing contractors are here to assist you.

Contact us today to schedule your free measurement and quote.

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