Security Gates Perth

Fencemakers manufactures, supplies and installs high quality, durable and custom-designed Security Gates for the Perth market.

Our security gates can be made to match our Guardian Fencing, or we can create customised Steel, Aluminium or Smartwood Security Gates to suit your needs.

Types of security gates

  • Our Guardian and Steel Security Gates are ideal for Industrial and Commercial clients who require a tough, heavy-duty barrier to their premises. The tough steel pickets can prevent a targeted effort to enter the premises through the gate, while the spiked tips prevent trespassers from climbing over the gate.
  • For individual Residential Clients or Gated Communities that do not require such heavy duty security, we can offer custom-build Aluminium Security Gates. While they are not as robust as Steel alternatives, this type of Security Gate can be more cost-effective and have a more attractive appearance than heavy duty steel gates, while still providing the required level of security and pointed tips to prevent intruders.
  • We can install both swinging and sliding Security Gates, with pin-pad, remote control openers, buzzer or intercom access.

Benefits of installing security gates

  • Installing Security Gates will add significant resell value to your home or business.
  • The Gates will keep your family and home or business premises and stock safe from trespassers and intruders, blocking their access.
  • As well as physically protecting your property, having Security Gates fitted can deter opportunistic intruders from even attempting to access your property.
  • They can give your family a sense of security, particularly if you live in an isolated area. Intercom and buzzer access can be beneficial for those who are vulnerable or mobility restricted, such as the elderly.
  • Not only can security gates keep intruders out, but you can rest assured they will keep your pets or children safe within. Pin-pad Security Gates in particular are a good way to make sure young children don’t open the gate and walk onto the road when your head is turned.

Cost of security gates

We can design, manufacture and install Security Gates to fit your specific needs. To talk through the style, design and materials that would be right for your project, call one of our Perth consultants today. Or if you have a good idea of what you want then request a free, no obligation quote.

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