Colorbond vs Premium Fencing – Which to Choose?

Need new fencing for your front and back yard and trying to choose between Colorbond or more premium quality steel or aluminium fencing? Let us shed some light on the benefits and drawbacks of each.


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The old saying goes ‘looks aren’t everything’, but when it comes to your home, curb appeal plays a big role, not only in aesthetics but also the real estatevalue. There’s no denying that the appearance of Colorbond fencing reflects its price – cheap and generic. While going for the cheaper option might be the frugal choice for hidden areas like the boundary walls at the sides of the home or the backyard, when on full display in your front yard you’ll want to go with an attractive ornamental or slat aluminium or steel fence to boost curb appeal and value.

Higher quality aluminium and steel fencing looks slick and stylish. Plus, most good manufacturers will offer the option of customising your fence with extras such as decorative top pieces to add your own personal touch, as well as matching gate designs. If appearance matters to you, you won’t want Colorbond to be the first thing people see when they pull up to your driveway.

Appearance Winner: Premium Aluminium & Steel Fencing

Security and Privacy

Security fencing

Security and privacy should be at the top of your list when shopping for new fencing. After all, why do we have fences in the first place? To keep prying eyes out of our yard, of course. For maximum security, a well-made steel fence is by far the best choice – rust-proof, weatherproof and incredibly strong and robust.

Second to steel is good quality aluminium fencing, which, although not quite as robust, still offers a high level of security and privacy. A quality aluminium fence will be corrosion proof and one of the longest lasting metals out there.

This is where Colorbond fencing can fall short. The steel used in Colorbond fencing is thinner and only of medium quality. It will offer some security but won’t be anywhere near as sturdy as a premium quality aluminium or steel fence.

Security & Privacy Winner: Premium Aluminium & Steel Fencing



If an easy install is what matters to you most then Colorbond is probably your answer. As Colorbond fencing comes in panels installation is simple and, if you know your way around a yard, in most cases can be self-installed. The wide use of Colorbond fencing in public housing also makes easy work to find a fitter.

For custom and premium aluminium and steel fencing, while you can self-install this, it is usually recommended to get the professionals to take care of the job. This is because a top quality aluminium and steel fence manufacturer will often tailor a solution to match your home – to perfectly fit each curve of your boundary and each contour of the ground. While this is of more benefit to you in terms of visual appeal and safety, it does make self-installation more difficult unless you’re really handy with a tool belt.

Self-Installation Winner: Colorbond fencing

Price, Quality and Longevity


These three factors are always closely linked. A premium quality fence will often cost more initially but will be much more secure, durable and long-lasting than a cheaper counterpart. Over time, the initial investment in a premium quality fence will pay off. In most cases a well-manufactured aluminium or steel fence will outlast a Colorbond fence, simply because it uses better quality materials.

On the flipside, the cheaper materials used in Colorbond fencing does mean that they are often considerably less expensive than premium fencing, but this is not the whole story. Cheaper materials degrade quicker, are more prone to denting and sun damage (fading etc.), and in the long run, with the need to replace or repair, can actually be the more costly option.

Price, Quality & Longevity Winner: Premium Aluminium and Steel Fencing

The Verdict

Winner crown

There’s an old saying that states “you get what you pay for” and when it comes to fencing, this really is the case. Spending that little extra at the start on premium quality aluminium fencing (like we offer here at Fencemakers!) will not only give you a more attractive fencing option, but will also give you a fence that is truly built to last.

If your budget won’t stretch to having premium fencing all around the house then a good compromise can be to use cheaper fencing for your back yard and premium fencing for your front yard. That way, you’ll save some money, still look the part and have at least invested in a durable, superior option that stands out from the crowd and help increase your home’s value.

Overall Winner: Premium Aluminium & Steel

Fencemakers does not currently offer Colorbond Fencing due to the reasons above – we focus on offering a top quality range of fencing and gates. Talk to our sales team to discuss the most affordable quality fencing designs for your yard – you’ll be happy you made the best decision in the long-term!

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