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Ready-Made Vs. Custom Gates and Fencing

Ready-Made Gates and Fencing vs. Custom-Designed

So you already have a clear idea on the purpose and location of your gates and fencing, but how do you decide which will give you value for money and a fencing solution that will last – go for a quick out of the box solution or have your fencing custom designed?

We take a close look into the pros and cons for both and break down the comparisons to help make the process run more smoothly.


Opting for custom designed gates and fencing gives you the opportunity to achieve flexibility with your project, leaving no limits to the imagination. For many, finding the specific style requirements that fit our individual needs can be hard – especially when you’re after creative architectural features or something to match the existing exterior of your home that can’t be found anywhere else.

Although ready-made gates and fences can come in a large variety, they may not always suit your home – whether it’s the colour, size, materials or overall design. Every property is different and finding gates that fit your home’s driveway can be a challenge, but custom-made designs can guarantee a matching fit. With a custom solution it’s also possible to find an exact fit gate to match your fencing – whether your entrance requires swing gates or sliding gates, slat or steel. Custom gates will guarantee no gaps to the perimeter, keeping your home or business completely secure.

For this reason custom made designs will outweigh ready-made gates and fencing, giving you the freedom to craft with flair and have something truly unique to your premises.


The old saying you get what you pay for can very much be applied here. Both ready-made and custom designed gates and fences can range from all ends of the price spectrum but it really comes down to the quality of the materials used. There is no use forking out less money for fencing solutions that won’t give you the security, durability and long-lasting benefits you’re after.

Installing fences and gates to your property adds significant value, so digging out the higher quality options is recommended, whether that’s an off the shelf option or a custom design. However, as we mentioned, sometimes the fit of a ready-made option can be a little off or may not take into account the specific shape or gradient of your perimeter, leaving gaps that reduce the quality of your overall fencing solution.


These days, most ready-made fencing solutions are imported from overseas. Whilst this doesn’t always affect the quality, most people will prefer to buy Australian manufactured products to support local craftsmanship and ensure 100% satisfaction.about-us-01

With locally custom-produced fencing, your manufacturer is always close by should there be a problem with your fencing down the line, or should you wish to extend or alter your fencing. However, once imported ready-made fencing is out of stock it can be difficult to find the right colouring or design to match the fence you originally purchased should you wish to add to or repair it.


Price is a huge factor when undertaking home renovations, with many working on a very tight budget. Because ready-made gates and fences are usually made in factory bulk, they tend to be a cheaper option than custom made – but, cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Whilst custom made designs can work out more expensive, you’re paying for the quality, locally made style and the flexibility to match your own needs and wants.


Custom fencing designs may take a little longer to supply than ready-made, but the price will almost certainly include installation. However, with ready-made gates and fences, whilst they may be ready for you to take home straight away, you can still find yourself spending hours trying to DIY install the fencing.

It’s important to weigh up the time and effort you put into DIY installation versus spending a little extra for professionals to custom install your fencing and gates for you.

Fencing Regulations

There is some important paperwork surrounding the decision to erect any type of fencing – building permits and council restrictions on height, size and slat spacing for example, particularly with pool fencing. Working with a fencing company that will help you to navigate these regulations and ensure your fencing is compliant will take a huge load off your mind as well as save you time and money in the long-term.

One of the biggest downfalls with ready-made gates and fences is that you can’t be sure they comply with the regulations in your local area. After all, they have not been produced with your specific regulations and restrictions in mind. This could lead to you having to take down the fencing if it is non-compliant, and could even result in a hefty fine in some cases.

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