Security Fencing: Let Guardian Keep You Safe

Guardian is our security fencing offering. Ideal for businesses or the more security conscious individual, this heavy-duty security fence is suited to areas requiring something more substantial than the lighter domestic styles. The square pickets are strong enough to prevent determined attempts of access through the fence, while the arrowhead shaped tops deter access over the top.

If you want to keep your premises secure then Guardian is the way to go.

Features of our security fencing

  • Guardian Security Fences are ideal for industrial and commercial clients who require a tough and long-lasting barrier to their premises.
  • The durable steel or aluminium pickets combined with the arrowhead tops provide a strong sense of security for families, businesses, individuals or those living in isolated areas.
  • Our Guardian Fencing range can be made to match our Security Gates for full perimeter protection.

Why choose security fencing?

Whether your focus is on appearance, safety or convenience, Guardian Security Fencing can provide you with endless benefits for both your home and business.

  • Installing Security Fencing around your property is a great investment, adding resell value to your home or business.
  • Security fencing gives peace of mind that the contents or your home or your business stock and equipment is safe from thieves – adding a first line of defence to your premises.
  • Our Security Fencing doesn’t just keep intruders out but also assures your pets and children or your employees are safe within.
  • Homes and business with visible security measures such as security fencing with gates and pinpad or intercom access is a deterrent against thieves. Premises with these measures in place are less likely to be targeted by intruders in the first place.

Take a look at our security fencing gallery below for an idea of the direction you would like to go with your project.

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