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Why Aluminium is a Good Fencing Material

What Makes Aluminium a Good Fencing Material?

Whether you are choosing fencing for a residential, commercial, industrial or even an agricultural property, it’s important to consider the different fencing material options available to choose the right one for your project. Here we take a look at the benefits of aluminium and the type of projects it works best for.

Smartwood Infills


The top attribute on everyone’s mind – what is the cost? While aluminium fences and gates are more expensive than less effective and durable materials like timber, colorbond or chainlink, generally aluminium is cheaper than similar fences and gates made from similarly durable metals like steel or iron.

Resistance to Corrosion

PowdercoatingAluminium is one of the most hard-wearing fencing materials around. It can withstand the elements better than any other maters – timber will weather and rot, while steel can rust if it is not treated correctly. Due to its resistance to rust, aluminium is the best type of material to use for areas with a lot of rainfall or proximity to the sea. And aluminium coupled with our powder-coating method makes one of the most durable fences you’re likely to come across.

Visual Appeal

Aluminium is such a versatile material that it can be crafted into almost any fencing style you can imagine. From old-style ornate to traditional picket to modern slat fencing – aluminium can be the basis of any custom design. We even use aluminium to create our timber-look fencing! By coating this versatile material in a ‘smartwood’ finish we can offer the durability of aluminium with the aesthetics of timber.


Custom-made aluminium fence designs also make great additions to secure enclosures around the home or business. Although aluminium is not as robust as steel fencing, it is still a highly effective material for security fencing and gates where not such a high level of defence is required. Aluminium fences are not easy to breach or vandalise, and the Australian-sourced aluminium that we use is thicker than that used by other fencing companies, making it a particularly effective security material.

Environmental Benefits

Aluminium is also known for being 100 percent recyclable. Almost every aluminium product you find in a construction project has been fabricated from recycled aluminium. That means buying aluminium fencing is a good choice for people who prefer sustainable products to minimise their environmental footprint.

Types of Fencing Projects

Architectural Slat Panels

We can attest that aluminium fencing has many uses all over WA – from residential fencing to commercial fencing at schools and parks to security fencing around industrial buildings. As mentioned, above the versatility of the material allows it to be moulded into almost any design, suitable for all projects, while its resistance to corrosion makes it the only choice for maritime projects.

Next month we’ll be taking a look at the benefits of steel fencing!

If you have any further questions about what material is right for your fence or gate, our friendly sales staff are always happy to help – get in touch today!