Our Top 10 Most Popular Fencing & Gate Designs

Unsure what design to go with for your yard? Find out what fence and gate designs are hot in Perth right now by taking a look at the most popular designs we sell here at Fencemakers, and what makes them so sought-after.

#1 Caulfield

Caulfield Fencing

Caulfield is by far our most popular design, making up 20% of our orders! People love the Caulfield design because of its simplicity – the no-frills boxy design makes it a perfect fit for almost all home and business property styles. It is also one of our most affordable fence & gate designs, making it a very attractive option for those on a tighter budget.

#2 Slats

Slat Infills and Single Gate

With so many new homes popping up around Perth it’s no wonder the slat design is so popular. The clean, geometric and minimal design of slat fencing make them a great fit for modern homes and architecture. They also pair incredibly well with outdoor shutters or louvres, giving the boundary and windows a cohesive aesthetic.

#3 Sentinel

Sentinel Gate

The pointed tips of the Sentinel design make this the perfect choice for those who want extra protection and security from their gates and boundary fencing. And while the decorative tips look elaborate and luxurious, the Sentinel is actually one of our most inexpensive models – a win-win option!

#4 Smartwood

Smartwood Gate

While many homeowners like the thought of traditional timber fencing, the continuous maintenance and upkeep required to keep timber fencing and gates from warping and rotting is a real drawback, which is what makes our Smartwood option is so popular. The aluminium panels can be coated in a range of realistic timber finishes, giving the durability and maintenance-free benefits of aluminium with the traditional timber aesthetic.

#5 Modern

Modern FencingModern Gate

The Modern design is a popular option not only for boundary fencing but also for pool fencing. The minimal narrow poles make it great for parents who want a clear view of the pool to keep a close eye on their children, and it’s also relatively inexpensive.

#6 Custom

Custom Scroll Slider Gate

If you can’t seem to find a design that fits in right with your home or your vision, don’t forget it’s possible to get a skilled fencing company (like us!) to custom-design a fence for you and make your vision come to life. Many Perth homeowners are choosing this option – either going for simple adjustments on established designs, maybe combining two different styles like this modern-gothic hybrid below, or even coming up with custom embellishments for a totally unique fence or gate.

Modern-Gothic Fencing

#7 Fortview

Fortview fencing drawing

The Fortview is a popular classic design that works particularly well on stately and traditional homes because of its chic, simple look. The vertical posts, similar to the Caulfield design, are topped with a double horizontal box, giving it a bolder, taller, grander appeal.

#8 Picket

Picket Fencing

Many homeowners dream of the proverbial white picket fence that is often used to depict the ideal home life in TV and movies. But the reality is timber pickets have a short life and require annual treatments and upkeep. So like our popular smartwood fencing, our aluminium picket fences are hugely popular with Perth homeowners, giving the best of both worlds. The aluminium posts, cut with the traditional picket pointed top, are coated in white (or whatever colour you choose!) powdercoating, making them one of our most durable and long-lasting options, which are virtually indistinguishable from a traditional timber picket fence, but without the hassle!

#9 Traditional

Traditional Fencing

Along with the Caulfield design, the Traditional is one of our most inexpensive designs. And like the Caulfield, the Traditional is a great fit for any property due to its simplicity.

#10 Radisson

Radisson fencing drawing

Very similar in appearance to the Fortview design, some homeowners prefer the look of the Radisson, as the vertical slats extend right up through the horizontal area at the top, giving Radisson fencing and gate a sturdy, classic and elegant appearance.

Of course there are many more designs you can choose from – check out our other fencing design styles here. And don’t forget that we can custom-build any design you like, so just use your imagination and we can make it come to life for you!

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