Halloween Gate and Fence Designs Your Home Needs This Year!

With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the time to start planning the ultimate spooky makeover for your front yard. Whether you want to host a Halloween party or you’d like to invite the trick-or-treating creatures of the night to your door, haunting Halloween decorations can turn your cosy looking home into an eerie old mansion. Below, we check out the best designs you can do yourself to get the house looking frightening for the occasion.

1. The Ultimate Garden Graveyard

graveyard fence

Aluminium and steel fences provide the perfect opportunity to create a Halloween cemetery fence and turn your garden into a ghostly-looking graveyard. Changing your front yard into a creepy graveyard is the best way to really spook out your neighbourhood and it can be a fun family project to work on too.

On the inside of your fenced area, layout some tombstones in your lawn – buy some novelty ones in your local discount shop if you’re stuck for time or make your own! Empty cereal boxes, plywood or styrofoam and craft supplies are all you need to get started. Cut the material into a simple rectangular shape with the top corners rounded off and paint the headstone an off-white or greyish colour. Then, add your epitaph or creepy message to the tombstone. On either side of your gate, add two tombstones covered in spider webs and place a witch’s hat and broomstick by your door for the ‘hocus pocus’ appeal. If you really want to take your graveyard a step further, be sure to add a few skulls near the graves and by the entry gate as you walk in.

2. Black Bats and Spooky Spiders

Black bats and creepy crawlies are renowned for giving people the ‘heebie-jeebies’ and Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without them. Hanging bats from the fence and above the gate on bouncy elastic string as you walk in can create an ultra-scary appeal and really give your visitors the creeps. Add them at different string lengths from the gate dangling down for a realistic affect.

Making spooky spiders is an easy addition and gives you another great family activity to occupy the children. They can be made from pipe cleaners, particularly orange, grey and black so they fit with the Halloween theme. Hang the spiders from both the fence and gate with fishing line or create a fake spider web affect with string and cotton wool to put them in. Continue the theme through the walkway and add some to your front door and windows too.

3. Petrifying Pumpkins


pumpkin gate

pumpkin postsCelebrating the frightening Halloween fiesta wouldn’t be the same without the orange trademark of a pumpkin. As pumpkins can be tough to come across in Australia, you can use inflatable or plastic pumpkins to hang around the outside of your home, gate entryway and porch. You can even place them on the pillars at either side of your gate to make pumpkin-shaped gargoyles.

If you have ornate fencing or driveways gates, the posts make a great place to hang your pumpkins from. At night, make sure you light some small candles inside the pumpkins so their creepy smiles are seen by all and add that mystical atmosphere to your yard. Again, keep the themes going strong by adding a few pumpkins by your door too.

4. Skeletons and Lanterns


skeleton fence

web fence

Get that mysterious haunted house image by adding skeletons to your fence and gate. This can look super spooky when you hang the skeletons all the way down your fence line and place lanterns behind them on the inside of your property. This way, the skeleton decorations will really come alive at night.

For homes that have a driveway gate or a walkway from the fence to the front door, light the way using lanterns. You can also combine them with the carved out pumpkins for an ultra-creepy effect. This is a great idea if you can see the front porch from the gate and you’ve dressed that up in Halloween decorations too! Make sure you add cobwebs to the skeletons and lanterns too.

5. Cats and Cobwebs

black cat

If you’re superstitious, the last thing you want to see on Halloween is a black cat – but let’s face it, is has to be done! Create a black cat silhouette in the front windows of your home and add a statue of one on the posts either side of your gate.  If your guests have the courage to make it past the gate, you can deck the front porch out with a few more feline creatures.

web gate

Fake cobwebs are the ultimate way to give your home that Halloween ‘abandoned scary home’ effect! Add cobwebs all the way down the fence line and use them to accent all your other decorations, the more the better! Most Halloween shops and party places will have fake stretchable cobweb material you can purchase, or look out for a silly string cobweb spinner that can be attached to a gun and sprayed over the area. Or for a DIY alternative you can use twine and cotton wool sheets (available in most pharmacies) to create a similar effect.

6. Ghostly Goodies



No Halloween décor is complete without lollies so make sure this year’s decorations includes some. If you want to participate in the Halloween décor but you’re not a fan of answering the door to trick-or-treaters every five minutes, then your fencing can be a helpful tool to kill two birds with one stone!

Hang some baskets of goodies from your ghoulish gates and let the neighbourhood kids help themselves to some treats. You can even add some sensor triggered decorations to give them a fright and make sure they only take a handful and run!!

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