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The Essential Supplies You Need to Build a Fence and Gate

white picket fence

When building a fence and gate for your home or business, there are certain supplies you will need to complete the project.

The kind of fence you choose to build will determine which equipment and components you will require. Wooden fences are popular as they are sturdy and look attractive, however they require ongoing maintenance and tend to have a shorter lifespan than, say, steel or aluminium fencing. If you want a wood-look fence but without the maintenance, then Smartwood may be a good option.

This blog post will discuss the various fencing supplies and tools you will require to build a wooden fence and gate.

5 Fence and Gate Supplies Required to Build a Wooden Fence

1. Fencing Tools

carpentry tools

Tools are an essential part of building a fence. To construct your fence you will require a saw, sanding equipment, a hammer, nails, measuring tape and a level. Also, working with good lighting will make the construction process a lot easier. If you are working indoors, make sure the lights are bright enough to prevent eye strain and be sure to install additional work lights if needs be.

A post-hole digger is also very useful. However, you can make do with a shovel for simpler projects.
If you’re painting or varnishing your fence, you will also need brushes, rollers or spray equipment.

2. Fence Posts

fence posts

To keep your fence standing upright, you will need fencing posts.

The number of fence posts you will need depends on the length of your fence and how long the fencing panels are. Also, consider how heavy the fencing panels you would like to use are, as this will change how robust the posts need to be and how deep they should be secured into the ground.

Furthermore, you may require various posts for different parts of the fence, including the fencing corners, gate posts, and at the fence ends. These posts may need to be thicker than the other posts as panels or hardware will need to be hammered into two of their surfaces.

3. Fencing Panels

Fencing panels are the main feature of your fence. There are many different types and styles of fencing panels available, so be sure to choose the right ones for your needs.

The amount of wood you will require depends on the length and the type of fence you want to build. You will require a lot less wood for a split rail fence than you would a picket or cedar fence.

4. Gate Supplies

wood gate

Gates are a popular addition to any fence as they can stop intruders from easily accessing your yard. They also help keep kids and pets safe playing inside the yard, so you don’t have to worry about them running onto the road if you turn your back for a second.

To build a gate for your fence, you will require a few additional supplies.

Some gate hardware you may require includes:

  • A gate latch
  • Gate hinges
  • A knob or handle
  • Gate locks

5. Paint and Varnish

painted fence

Once you have constructed your fence, you can apply paint or varnish as a finishing touch.

Painting your fence is an effortless way to add an effective style element to your home. You can use traditional paint colours such as white, brown or black, but to stand out from your neighbours, you could use pastel colours or even paint a design on your fence.

Using a wood varnish or oil will help give your home a rustic appearance. There are a couple of different finishes you can choose from, including matt, satin and gloss.

Whether you decide to paint or varnish your wood fence, ensure the product seals the wood to protect it from the weather for many years to come.

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