Fencing for Any Location in Perth and WA

Fencing for Perth and WA, wherever you need us

Fencemakers services all areas of Western Australia, from Albany to Broome and everywhere in between. Whether you live by the sea or in a remote country location, your options in style and decoration for fencing and gates are endless.

Not only do you have a vast colour range to choose from for your fencing requirements, but our strict quality control measures ensure your fence will withstand the harshest of conditions – from blistering heat, to ocean breezes and heavy winter rains.

Whatever your location, Fencemakers will design and install a fence that will withstand the test of time. Remember, all of our fences and gates are supported by our 2 year written guarantee.

Fencemakers knows your fencing needs are varied. Many sites have unique features which require design considerations to fence or gate correctly. Window ledges, steps or retaining walls may require specially made panels and/or gates so that a fence meets safety regulations. We are as confident that all these needs can be met with our made to measure service as you can be in the quality of our products.

Durable fencing and gates specifically for seaside living

While Fencemakers pre-galvanised fences and gates are perfect for most locations, a marine environment calls for greater protection of your fence.

You can choose between aluminium or steel to suit the style or purpose of your fence. While steel is more robust than aluminium, it can quickly corrode in beachside locations or around salt water pools so requires special coatings, whereas aluminium endures well under most conditions in all locations.

To give the best protection for steel products, we can finish our steel fences and gates using a method called hot dipped galvanising: after fabrication the panels are immersed into a tank of molten zinc. This provides a thicker protective coating which will increase the durability of the fence and, while the surface is not as smooth, the extra protection it provides your investment is well worthwhile.

You can then either leave the silver galvanised finish or powdercoat the product in your choice of colour. It is recommended that all hot dipped galvanised products have the additional Powder Primer coat applied prior to the final colour coat to protect against corrosion and, in very hostile environments, an additional clear top coat may be necessary to give extended life to the fence.

While protective coatings add longevity to a steel fence, they do push the cost above that of aluminium fencing. Ultimately, however, the strength of steel combined with the durability of aluminium will ensure that your property remains secure for longer.

We’re here to help

If you’re still not sure what sort of fencing material or finish is suitable for your chosen location, please feel free to contact us and one of fencing consultants will be more than happy to discuss the material and coating options available to you. Alternatively you can arrange for a quote and one of our friendly fencing consultants will be more than happy to help you make the correct choice based on your situation.