Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Spring is the top time to put your home up for sale in Perth according to property analyst research, which makes it a good time to think about how you can increase your home’s resale value. In order to stand out from the competition, there are a number of tips you can follow to have potential buyers knocking down your door (or gate!) with bids.

Painting Is a Necessity

One of the greatest ways to increase your home’s resale value is to give your house a fresh look with some paint. Homeowners can expect as much as a 300% return on investment for this simple home improvement task, when comparing the cost of painting to the value it will add to the home.

Although some colours add style and warmth, a potential buyer might not find the same colour schemes attractive. Because of this, it is vital to paint in neutral colours. While painting the whole exterior of the home can be an expensive project, painting window trims, exterior doors and some key indoor walls can often make a huge difference.

Install a Driveway Gate

A properly installed and well-designed driveway gate always adds to a home’s charm, and thus increases its resale value. At the same time, it offers the homeowner a feeling of safety and security – a major plus in the eyes if potential homebuyers in Perth, especially those in their retirement years or those with young families.

A gate also provides privacy and security. People can leave their windows and doors open to let fresh air pass through especially during Perth’s warmer months.

A Modest Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so potential buyers will be looking for a homely and stylish area to eat and entertain friends. Installing a mid-priced faucet and sink while replacing out-dated kitchen appliances with energy-efficient and new models are changes that can often quickly add to the resale value of a home.

Other kinds of kitchen projects may also include replacing the fronts of cabinets with new raised drawers and panel doors, or even just coating them with a fresh lick of paint. When doing this project, choose a functional and classic design and neutral colours. A new laminated countertop can also give a kitchen the final touch that it really deserves.

Installing High-Quality Fencing

With a myriad of materials and styles to choose from, fencing can go a long way in providing a wide range of benefits to a home’s exterior look. It can also serve as an attractive way to protect a pool area, divide a property, keep woodland creatures out and provide privacy that homebuyers in Perth crave. All of these benefits will add value to your real estate.

Space and Lighting

Small rooms and dark corners are often big turn offs for a potential home buyer. It is therefore a good idea to create a living atmosphere through adequate lighting and space. Small rooms can appear much larger if they have adequate natural light pouring in from windows or skylights.

Consider renewing window treatments with modern curtains and blinds – roman blinds provide a chic and soft atmosphere, while sheer curtains in the bedroom can give it that airy and bright feel.

A bigger project, but one that can provide a great return, is to knock some dividing walls to create a more open-plan space – possibly joining the kitchen and living room or the dining room and sitting room. Open plan rooms can give the illusion of a much larger area. Widening doors as little as 15 to 20 cm can often make a huge difference in increasing a home’s value if you find that knocking out walls is not worth the effort and the money.

Saving Energy

Replacing doors and windows that waste energy can often be a wise investment. Go for thermally insulated, double-paned vinyl windows – they are both energy efficient and can work to keep out loud noises outside, such as the sound of traffic or neighbourhood kids and dogs.


by Matthew Suter, Managing Director, Fencemakers.

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