An exhaustive list of the most popular fencing designs

Regardless of your reasons for erecting a fence, most of us want to build one that not only enhances our property but also holds its own character.  Fencing can come in a variety of different styles and designs (and we can even custom design a fence specifically for you). Here we outline some of the most popular finishings and designs to help get your creative juices flowing and decide what’s right for your yard:



Traditional fencing is the simplest of designs with pickets built at the same height and size and flattened at the top. Because of its modest style, it’s a great option for small yards or homeowners that want a cleaner appearance.

Staggered Traditional

The staggered design takes traditional fencing up a level by creating a jagged, uneven top. This style adds a different appeal to the fence and is ideal for homeowners that want something simple, with a little edge.


Modern style fencing is rounded at the top and creates a softer sensation to the exterior of any property. Its curvy charm adds a little shape to a home, whilst still appealing to the contemporary age.


The style of Chantilly is the same as traditional fencing but instead, the top of the fencing posts are decorated with flower scrolls. This design is perfect for homes needing a touch of femineity without taking it to the extreme.


Cardinal designs is one of the most popular fencing choices and are ideal for those wanting a balanced mix of simplicity and character. They take shape in the form of traditional fencing, topped with rounded decorative tops to suit almost any property.


Similar to the Cardinal fencing design, Gothic styles have emerged from traditional fencing to create one that is artier and intriguing. The tops of the pickets’ flair out to the sides then come to a point at the top to construct a medieval yet classic feel.

Curved Top

Curved top designs are simple and elegant. A convex-arch is created by using different picket heights, with the tallest in the centre. The fence is ornamented with soft points and a rounded head. They complement all exterior types with a sophisticated and welcoming look.


Acorn fencing is the opposite of Curved Top designs and reverses the convex-arch so that the smallest picket is in the centre for each section of the fence. The tops of the pickets are finished with a small shape resembling the look of an acorn.


This design combines the uneven heights of the Staggered Traditional fencing with the picket tops of the Gothic style to create something that is truly unique. As its name suggests, this fencing has a classic look to it despite the medieval dressings.

Eastbourne | Floret | Parkside | Bostock | Westminister | Radisson | Fortview | Hastings | Valencia | Montana

All these styles of fencing offer a more solid design combining the standard vertical pickets with double horizontal rails (horizontal’s) at the top. Inside these horizontal rails are different dressings to suit a variety of properties.

Radisson is the most straightforward of these and the only one without decorations inside the horizontal pickets. This is ideal for homeowners that like the combination of vertical and horizontal pickets without the features.

Whilst the vertical pickets follow through the horizontal posts in Radisson fencing, Fortview doesn’t and offers a cleaner style. Instead, there is only one vertical picket that is built through the horizontal posts.

Eastborne fencing is decorated with circular scrolls inside the horizontal pickets that add a basic, yet attractive touch.  Floreat, on the other hand, is a little more bold and decorative, filling in the gaps between the circular knobs.

Parkside and Bostock both show more space between the horizontal rails, with Bostock being an elaborate option lined with a swirling design in the centre. Westminister expands on these frills by combining the styles of Floreat and Classique; this will work well for those wanting to dress up their homes exterior.

Hastings offers a criss-cross pattern through the horizontal pickets, whilst Valencia creates a more consistent swirling design than that of the Bostock fencing.

Caulfield and Nautical also are crafted into a solid design, with Caulfield fencing only vertical pickets and Nautical horizontal, finished with a singular vertical post down the middle. For a more streamlined approach, and for those requiring privacy, Slat fencing is your best option.


This fencing style is Modern fencing dressed up with the features of Classique. It’s a great alternative for those that love the dressings on top much find the rounded design better suited for their home.


Bishop fencing is simple and decorated at the top with sharp points that flair out at the sides. Its features will make a shy home stand out.

Federation and Regency are both built like the Staggered Traditional fencing but topped with decorative heads. Federation is a simpler style, with Regency resembling the top of Classique.

Sentinel and the Double Top Rail fencing are alike, with tips that line the top. The difference between the two is the double horizontal rail at the top.


A simple design with square pickets, topped with small and rounded tips that point at the end. Guardian is a security fence with many contemporary design elements.

Metal Pickets

One of the most standard types of fencing, Metal Pickets is an aesthetically pleasing tubular design. It’s popular for front yards that want old world design characteristics with modern a twist.

by Matthew Suter, Managing Director, Fencemakers.

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