Make Your Fencing Quote More Affordable – What to Cut Out to Cut Costs

Installing a fence around your property is an aesthetically pleasing and functional way to add significant value to your home or security to your business. Whether it’s constructed to prevent intruders, create a level of privacy or to boost kerb appeal, the right fence can really change the dynamics of your property’s exterior for the better.

However, with any new addition or renovation project, we understand there’s always a budget to consider. Installing a top of the range fence can come with a significant expense, but making some adjustments to your fencing brief can help to make your fencing costs significantly more affordable. Consider these areas when trying to keep your fencing spend within budget:

Consider the Purpose of Your Fence

Determining the primary purpose of your fence can be an easy way to cut down on costs so before you install anything; ask yourself your reason for installing it. For business owners or proprietors of parks, schools or commercial buildings, security is a big factor. Some homeowners also build a fence around the property to create a level of privacy and a strong barrier that protects their home and prevents intruders. For most homeowners, however, the purpose of fencing may be to keep the kids in the yard or to protect the garden from animals getting in. If you’re simply after a kerb appeal boost though and protection isn’t a priority, then your choice of fence can be significantly cheaper.

As an aesthetically pleasing option, fencing can be built across the front of the garden to enhance kerb appeal. Instead of running the fencing all around your property to the diving wall at the side, you can use fast growing dense trees and shrubs to close this gap at the sides. This way, the costs of fencing materials is reduced because you won’t need as much.  Alternatively, if the fence is only needed to divide the back garden between yours and your neighbours, you can leave the front garden open.

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Look for Material Alternatives

If the fence is required for privacy and protection purposes however, you’ll want to run it around your whole property to create a safe barrier. Instead of cutting down costs for the amount of fencing you’ll need, you can look into material alternatives that can still provide you with adequate protection.

Aluminium fencing can be a great alternative to steel because it’s less expensive. Whilst it’s not as robust as steel, aluminium fencing has still become a great substitute, offering a decent level of security and to create a boundary line around the property.

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Compared to steel fencing, aluminium has the benefit of being light weight yet it’s still regarded as a high strength material. And because the material can be bent and shaped easily, it’s perfect for appealing architectural designs. Aluminium fencing is renowned for its cost effectiveness making it a popular choice for many home and business owners.

You can also consider mixing it up to cut down on costs. For example, if you opt for a fencing at the front of your home, use landscaping for the side or back area. This is ideal to protect your home from prying neighbours and to mark property lines.

Share the Costs with Your Neighbour

Particularly a good option for homeowners, if your fencing will act as a shared dividing line between properties, then sharing the cost of the fencing on the shared side will help to subsidise the cost for you.  The only slight drawback to this option is that both you and your neighbour will have to agree on the style and colour of the fence and choose an option that will suit both properties. But provided you consult with them openly it can be a great option.

You’ll need to understand where the property lines are so be sure to confirm this with your neighbour or have the lot surveyed.  If you have neighbours on both sides of the area you want to fence, it can be ideal to have a third party involved in the agreement to split the costs between the three of you. In this case, because all three houses will be fencing the full property with the same fence style, the order could be quite large. So depending on the size of the project it could be worth discussing a discount with your fencing sales rep. This will encourage an even bigger saving for you and be a mutual benefit for both your home and your neighbours.

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Updating vs. Replacing

If you already have a fence and it looks like its seen better days, it may be worthwhile giving it a refresh instead of replacing it. The cost of removing and replacing the fence entirely can work out to be an expense you really don’t need so why not go for the more economical option?

With the way our fencing in particular is designed, it’s really easy to replace damaged slats, panels or posts, without having to replace the entire fence or even an entire section of the fence.

If you’d like to discuss what would work best to cut costs in your fencing project feel free to give us a call on 9248 6855 or leave us a note in your quote request form and we’ll get back to you with some money saving tips!

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