Tubular & Slat Infill Fencing

In place of standalone fencing around your property, another popular boundary style around homes and businesses in Perth is low boundary walls with high pillars – leaving a gap where fencing infills are necessary to provide additional security, privacy and style.

At Fencemakers we provide custom designed and manufactured aluminium and steel fencing, so all our fence styles are suitable to be used as infill fencing for a front brick wall – we can accommodate any size gaps between brick pillars with custom cut infill panels.

We can also provide matching swing or sliding pedestrian and driveway gates for all infill fencing styles.

Why Fencemakers infill fencing beats competitors’

Our slat infill fencing panels are better because:

  • The frames of our slat infill fencing are fully welded, sanded, buffed and powdercoated, so they are strong and they look good.  Most competitors screw together the frames instead of welding – a cheaper option which will cause the fence to sag and lose shape over time
  • We use a revolutionary and patented ‘channel system’ for our frames, which ensures a seamless finish. Each slat has its own slot tightly cut out into the frame, which means there is no gaps in the channel for dirt and spiders to collect – making it safer, cleaner and more durable.
  • We custom manufacture the frame and channel for each job, so you can choose how far apart you want your infill panels to be – important for choosing the level of privacy you want as well as complying with regulations set by each city council across WA.

Our steel and aluminium tubular fence infills are better because:

  • All our steel products our made using Australian bluescope pre-galvanised steel. None of the steel we use is imported. Imported steel is not pre-galvanised, meaning that after exposure to the elements it will rust.
  • We use stainless steel welds and screws, which do not rust. Mild steel welds (which many of our competitors use) do rust.
  • We use high quality aluminium too. The thickness of the tubing used in our fences is a lot thicker than cheaper imported products used by other Perth fencing companies.

Please note: Fencemakers does not do brickwork

Although we can offer the infills for your brick walls, we do not offer brick wall building services.

We do, however, have a network of reputable tradespeople, including brick layers, who we can recommend to complete the brick work component of your job if necessary. You should be aware that the brickwork for your project can take up to 3 months (including 6 weeks for planning permission) so it’s best to get this section of your project underway before getting a quote from us for the infills and gates.

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