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Six Unique Ideas to Give Your Pool Area a Makeover!

If you are lucky enough to have a pool it will often be the focal point of your back yard or outdoor area. If this area becomes tired or in need of some TLC, faults tend to be highlighted. In

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Can you install fencing or gates into brick paving or on poured concrete?

This is a very common question and something that we’re frequently asked especially when people are undertaking renovations or landscaping projects. The simple answer is YES – we can absolutely install fencing and gates into brick paving or concrete. There

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Six questions every customer should ask a fencing or gate contractor.

Questions To Ask A Fencing Contractor

For the majority of people their home is their biggest single investment! Thus choosing the right company and trades to complete work on your property is so important. Fencing and gates are an important element of any project. They are

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Why does the motor in your driveway gate matter?

If you’re choosing a driveway gate for your home or business, you’re probably thinking about things like the style, the colour and whether to go for swing or sliding – and likely one of the last things you’re thinking about

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Driveway Gate Options – Ranked Least to Most Expensive

Are you looking into your options for a new driveway gate and wondering on what elements you’ll need to spend money and what choices would allow you to keep the price down? We’ve broken down all the elements and choices

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5 Ways to Get Your Fencing and Gate Choices Completely Wrong

Fence welding

A great fence or gate can not only improve the look of your house, but even improve your house’s worth! However, get it wrong, and you’ll be wasting your investment fixing up the mistakes. Here at Fencemakers, we are in

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Buy a fence from Fencemakers and we’ll donate to RSPCA WA

Fencemakers RSPCA Fencing

Fencemakers has donated new fencing to RSPCA WA’s Animal Care Centre in Malaga Fencemakers will make a monetary donation to RSPCA WA for every referred installation We’re excited to announce that we have recently given our support to RSPCA WA

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Checking out Fencing Showrooms or Samples – How Can You Tell a Good Fence from a Shoddy One?

metal fence

It can be a lot of fun going to fencing showrooms and shopping around for the right fence for your home. But what should you look out for when testing out the fencing samples in the showrooms? And what are

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Preparing your yard for a dog

Dog Fencing

Bringing home a new dog is an exciting and momentous occasion. You want to make sure that your new pet will feel at home right away. Your pup is a new member of your family, and you want to treat

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Moving into a New Development: 5 Things You and Your Neighbours Should Agree On


With so many new housing developments cropping up around Perth on what seems like a daily basis, many people are moving into brand new streets of housing and realising there is no ‘status quo’ or neighbourhood etiquette already established. To

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