Colourbond Fencing Alternatives: Maxicoat Technology, Durable and Attractive Powdercoat Finishes

Fencemakers use the unique Maxicoat powder-coating technology to ensure that our fences and gates outperform not only your expectations, but those of our competitors too.

Powder-coating experience you can rely on


Unlike other systems being used in the market, Fencemakers use a multi-stage zinc phosphate pre-treatment for steel products and chromate pre-treatment for aluminium products. These are recognised worldwide as the ultimate pre-treatment for powder coating to ensure longevity of your purchase.

It is also the pre-treatment recommended by powder manufacturers and the Council of Australian Standards to meet Australian Standard 4506. It exceeds the testing criteria of 1000 hours in a salt water testing environment which is 10 times greater than most other methods of powder-coating.

Guide-to-powdercoating-01Powder-coating our own fences over many years has given Fencemakers the knowledge and experience necessary to produce the best possible quality product for our customers.

2 year guarantee

Before your fence or gate is powder-coated, all our jobs go through a 5 stage pre-treatment process. This pre-treatment process consist of 5 separate acid wash baths. These acid baths wash the fencing and gates exceptional well, getting all residue and dirt off . This process guarantees that the surface of the fence or gate is very clean, ensuring the bond between the powdercoat and the fence or gate is the best it can possibly be. This powdercoating system is another reason why we can offer a 2 year guarantee on our products, because we know our powder coating lasts.